46730501_f.jpg - largeARAG Bravo300S - Broad Acre - up to 7 sections 

Main features

• Automatic main valve closing with the help of Skipper when driving along a sprayed track.

• Variable spray rate control with Skipper help.

• SD memory card for completed job storage, settings storage/loading and software updates.

• Nozzle wear check via contemporaneous reading of flow rate and pressure values

• Graphic indicator for tank level

• Displayable data: instant spray rate, supplied spray rate, speed, pressure, flow rate, distributed amount, tank level, rotation speed, covered area, spraying time,

productivity, date and time, covered distance

• Nozzle wear check via contemporaneous reading of flow rate and pressure values

• Automatic spraying stop if speed value drops under preset min. value so that nozzles work within their operating range.

• Automatic closing of main valve under min. preset speed.

• Alarms for: preset spray rate not reached, tank low level, min./max. nozzle working pressure, min./max. rotation speed, flow-meter out of operating range,

excessively worn-out nozzles

• Automatic switch to pressure sensor if the flow-meter works outside preset limits.

• Temporary increase and reduction of distributed fluid.

• Storage of 19 combinations of spray rate/nozzle to be activated before starting spraying.

• Automatic adjustment via flow rate and/or pressure detection (by flow-meter or pressure sensor)


Technical features

• Integrated Secure Digital (SD) memory card reader

• Input for main valve outer control

• RS232 serial port for GPS or Skipper connection

• Self-powered internal clock

• Inputs for signals of: flow rate, speed, pressure, filling flow rate, revolution counter, Pump Protector.

• Outputs to control up to 7 boom sections (14 in the sequential version), control valve, main valve and foam marker

• Selectable language: Italian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Polish, Russian and Czech.

• Selectable units of measurement: International (ha, km/h) or US (Ac, mph)

• Graphic backlit display - 240x73 pixels

• Power supply: 12Vdc.




Bravo 300S Direct connection crop sprayer

5 way boom section model shown

46730401, 4 way boom section

46730501, 5 way boom section

46730701, 7 way boom section

Item: 46730x01